Leveraging Test Automation for Next-Level Software Quality Assurance: A Preview of Katalon's TrueTest™

Leveraging Test Automation for Next-Level Software Quality Assurance: A Preview of Katalon's TrueTest™


As the world rapidly embraces digital transformation, software development, and its corresponding testing methodologies evolve to meet the increasingly high expectations of consumers. Automation, while not a new concept, continues to be a vital factor in this evolution, providing a plethora of benefits that cannot be understated.

Indeed, the world of automation is mature, with countless companies leveraging it to enhance their software development lifecycle. Yet, the merits of automation extend beyond surface-level buzzwords and statistics. It offers tangible business value, notably in terms of defect detection rate, test coverage, and return on investment (ROI). 

Suraj Jadhav, AVP from QualityKiosk Technologies, a global pioneer in Digital Quality Engineering, echoes this perspective: “At QualityKiosk Technologies, we've seen firsthand how automation has redefined the ROI landscape in software testing. It allows organizations to achieve a higher defect detection rate and a significant reduction in labor-intensive tasks, paving the way for improved cost-efficiency. 


However, challenges do exist. The upfront investment in automation can be substantial, and achieving a fast ROI requires strategic planning, precise implementation, and continuous optimization. It's about finding the right balance, harnessing the power of automation without sidelining the creative and innovative potential of human testers.”

Defect detection rate and ROI are straightforward metrics that can be directly linked to the application of automation. By automating repetitive tasks, businesses can not only reduce human error but also reallocate valuable human resources to more complex and intellectually stimulating tasks. This leads to a high defect detection rate and an attractive ROI, as the costs of repetitive testing tasks are significantly reduced.

Test coverage, on the other hand, is a more challenging metric. Test coverage is a way of assessing how thoroughly you are testing what you need to test. Achieving high test coverage remains a significant challenge. This is especially true for UI testing, where it's crucial to replicate the exact user journey across a plethora of different scenarios and devices.

Consider a mature B2B application with approximately two hundred end-to-end scenarios, each with 6-8 validation criteria. Automating the testing of these scenarios could take up to thirteen man-months. Given that the average gross salary for an automation tester in the U.S. is about $77,500 annually or roughly $6,458 per month, the total cost would add up to approximately $84,000, covering only the base salary, not including extra administration costs. Moreover, maintenance is an ongoing effort that further compounds these costs over time.

This brings us to a critical question: how do we correctly measure and rapidly increase test coverage without a corresponding increase in time and financial investment?

This is where our upcoming product, Katalon TrueTest™, enters the picture. TrueTest is designed to capture real user interactions in production, model their common behaviors in a user journey map, and automatically generate test cases and test data to cover all popular user flows. Furthermore, it measures the test coverage on the user journey map, providing invaluable insight into how testing is being conducted versus how the users are actually using the system.

Key Benefits of TrueTest™

  • Streamlines Test Case Creation and Maintenance: TrueTest automatically creates and updates test cases, reducing the time and effort required by manual creation and maintenance.
  • Improves Accuracy, Quality, and Coverage: By modeling real user behaviors and interactions, TrueTest significantly increases the accuracy and relevance of test cases, ensuring high-quality results.
  • Boosts Team Productivity and Morale: By automating the tedious aspects of test case creation and maintenance, TrueTest frees your team to focus on more engaging and complex tasks, enhancing productivity and job satisfaction.
  • Releases Faster with Higher Quality: The swift generation of test cases by TrueTest allows for faster testing cycles and quicker releases without compromising the quality of your software.
  • Improves User Experience: By ensuring your application works flawlessly under realistic user journey scenarios, TrueTest enhances the end-user experience.

It's important to note that TrueTest is not intended to replace human testers. Instead, it augments their efforts, enabling them to achieve more in less time. With TrueTest, testers can focus on sophisticated testing scenarios while the tool takes care of the most commonly used flows. 

As a strategic partner of Katalon, QualityKiosk recognizes the potential and value of TrueTest: “We believe that the future of software testing lies in such innovative automation tools that can not only accelerate the testing process but also improve its efficiency and effectiveness.” said Anuroop Krishna, Head of Alliances for QualityKiosk.

The path of software development and testing is rife with challenges, but with the strategic adoption of automation tools like Katalon's TrueTest, organizations can overcome these hurdles. By balancing the human touch with automation, we can foster a software testing environment that assures quality, boosts productivity, and ultimately, delivers a superior user experience.

As we usher in a new era of software testing, we invite you to be part of this transformative journey. Join us in redefining the future of software testing with Katalon's TrueTest - a solution built to streamline, optimize, and revolutionize testing processes. 


We are currently welcoming registrations for the TrueTest beta program. This is your chance to get hands-on experience with this cutting-edge tool before it's officially released. You'll not only help shape TrueTest but also have the unique opportunity to see firsthand how it can enhance your software testing processes. Stay ahead. Stay innovative. Join the TrueTest beta program.


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