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Katalon Studio v8.6 With TestCloud Integration Now Available

Katalon Studio TestCloud

Katalon Studio, the powerful test automation tool, is proud to announce the latest release which expands the ability to execute test suites and test suite collections directly on Katalon TestCloud to include a variety of mobile browsers. This new feature streamlines the creation and execution of automated tests and makes it easier for quality engineers of all skill levels to scale test execution.

What is Katalon TestCloud?

Katalon TestCloud is a cloud-based testing infrastructure that provides users with access to a wide range of devices and platforms for testing their applications. It allows users to execute their automated tests on TestCloud's infrastructure, without the need to maintain their own testing environments. Katalon TestCloud supports a variety of popular operating systems, browsers, and mobile devices, making it easier for users to test their applications across different platforms and environments.

Learn more about TestCloud here.

Katalon Studio + TestCloud Execution: Simplifying Automated Testing

With the added mobile TestCloud execution capability, users can easily execute test suites and test suite collections on Katalon's cloud-based testing infrastructure for mobile browsers as well as traditional desktop browsers. This means that users no longer need to maintain their own testing environments and can quickly scale up their test execution to cover a wider range of devices and platforms.

For beginner quality engineers, this new feature is especially valuable as it simplifies the testing process and removes the need for advanced technical skills. By leveraging TestCloud execution, users can easily run their tests across multiple devices and platforms, without the need for complex configuration or maintenance.

Additional Updates & Enhancements

In addition to the TestCloud execution capability, Katalon Studio's latest release also includes a number of other updates and enhancements, making it easier than ever to create and execute automated tests.

  • From 8.6.0 onwards, removed Katalon Studio - Platform Edition. Existing users can still use their Platform Edition without any disruption. They can also upgrade to the latef Katalon Studio (previously known as Standalone Edition) and leverage the new features of Studio normally.
  • Improved Katalon Studio performance and responsiveness at startup and shutdown.
  • Enhanced the mechanism in Record and Spy to better identify duplicated objects.
  • Enhanced the feature Show unused test objects by not showing Shadow DOM root object and iframe parent objects.
  • Added support for capturing multi-level shadow DOM objects in 8.6.0. You can now record Shadow DOM objects and locate them during runtime.
  • Web Recorder and Spy - When capturing an iframe object, you can now also capture its child.
  • Project Settings - group the integration of Katalon TestOps and Katalon TestCloud into one place.
  • Security - We fixed the Docker Security issues by upgrading com.fasterxml.jacksst version oon.core:jackson-databind from 2.13.2 to 2.14.0.
  • Support for overriding global variables with Number type.
  • Added compatibility with Chrome 110, Edge 110, and Gecko 0.3.2 (Firefox 110).

Time to Upgrade

The latest release of Katalon Studio represents a major milestone in the evolution of the platform. With the addition of TestCloud mobile web execution and other key enhancements, Katalon Studio continues to simplify test automation and make it more accessible to quality engineers of all skill levels. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, Katalon Studio has everything you need to create and execute automated tests with ease. Try it out today and experience the power of automated testing with Katalon Studio.

For more information on Katalon TestCloud go here :  

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