Katalon Studio 4.6.0 – A major upgrade to the record and playback feature

Katalon Studio 4.6.0 2

Dear testers,

Katalon Studio Team is excited to announce the release of Katalon Studio version 4.6. This version contains new great features and bugs fixed that are the direct result of your feedback.

Let’s see what’s new in Katalon Studio v4.6!

General Improvement

Download Size Reduced 

Katalon Studio 4.5
Katalon Studio 4.6
Windows 32 bits 430 MB 309 MB
Windows 64 bits 414 MB 311 MB
macOS 414 MB 312 MB

Mobile Testing

Record & Playback for Mobile 

Katalon preferred Recording utility is enhanced to support iOS and Android to cover both web and mobile platforms. Test objects and actions will be stored and generated as test cases that can be edited using manual/scripting interfaces. The function UI is identical to web recording to help users get started quickly.

Katalon Studio Record and Playback for mobile

Test Object

Parameterizing Test Objects

This version provides the capability to handle dynamic objects (objects with particular properties changed due to certain business rules). Users can leverage Katalon Studio parameterization capability to control these objects easily.
For example, the desired properties for the test object can be declared in the manual mode even without recording & spying the AUT. These properties will be used by Katalon to identify the test object during execution dynamically.


Katalon Studio-Test-Object-Input-4.6

Users can leverage the declared properties further by using Katalon scripting mode and adjust how the value of the properties to be perceived. (Typically, users will want to pass property value as variable or make reference to datafiles according to their situation – refer to Record & Playback for Mobile for more details).

Katalon Studio Script-mode-4.6

Network Configuration

Certificate Settings

Version 4.6 introduces the capability to bypass certificate validation supporting users with restricted network policy to work with Katalon Studio as usual. This setting can be found at: Project > Settings > Network and it affects both WebUI and WebService testings.

Katalon Studio Network-Configuration-4.6

Proxy Settings

Proxy setup can be configured at Preferences > Proxy. The setting affects both WebUI and WebService testings.

Katalon Studio proxy-setting-4.6

Object Spy

Hotkeys Settings

This version supports customizable hotkeys for Object Spy function for users to choose the preferred combination or avoid confliction with UAT hotkeys.

This ability to change hotkeys for Object Spy only affect Chrome browser. Other browsers will be considered for future releases.

Katalon Studio object-spy-4.6


Wait time for Angular/jQuery pages

New built-in keywords are introduced in this version to help users with the popular JS technologies such as Angular or jQuery loading issue. Click on each keywords for more details and examples.

Wait for Angular Load Wait for Angular/AJAX to load within the given time in second unit.
Wait for jQuery Load Wait for jQuery to load within the given time in second unit.

Location for screenshots

Similar to the [Mobile] Take Screenshot keywords, this improvement allows users to specify location for screenshots taken by [WebUI] Take Screenshot keywords.

[WebUI] Take Screenshot Captured screenshot saved to user-defined path. The default location will be used without user-defined value.

Start installed Kobiton application from Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio no longer requires the mobile UAT to be deployed on the local machine, users can start their tests with application ID generated by Kobiton.

[Mobile] Start Application

‘Start Application’ keyword will start your installed Kobiton application directly by passing generated application ID from Kobiton application repository.


We hope you enjoy this latest version of Katalon Studio.

Happy testing,

Katalon Studio Team.