Katalon Platform Roundup December 2023



To kick off the beginning of a new year, Katalon has made enhancements and improvements for TestCloud, TestOps, Katalon Studio, and KRE. The changes are listed below in their respective product section.

Katalon Studio 9.2

We have added a new social login for Github users to reduce any registration friction which will reduce onboarding friction. So now users can log into Katalon Studio through their Github Credentials. 



Katalon Runtime Engine (KRE)

In the latest KRE version you will be able to execute tests against TestCloud mobile browsers allowing organizations to seamlessly integrate TestCloud with their CI/CD pipeline using pre-existing Katalon integrations.    


We’ve added the ability to inject camera images for your mobile test cases. This has been added after seeing an increase in mobile application complexity where mobile devices scan QR, and barcodes, as well as other camera-based use cases. 
Also, you can now store and select different versions of your mobile app to execute against. This way you can schedule the same regression test suite against your dev, QA, and production versions of your mobile app with a simple selection option.


Configure test environment for test suite

Additionally, we’ve added a “History” view so you can readily see all TestCloud-based executions and get visibility into which test suites are being executed in which environment.


Enhance JIRA defect tracking flow 

You can now easily track and handle defects identified during test runs, all in one central place. This feature allows you to link failed tests to specific defects, automating the defect identification process and smoothing out the resolution journey. 

  • Quickly Linking Defects with creating new JIRA defects on TestOps
    Now, you can not only link test results to existing JIRA issues but also create new JIRA issues and link them to failed test results directly within TestOps. This functionality eliminates the need for users to switch between systems, saving valuable time and enhancing workflow efficiency. Learn more

  • Automated defect identification
    Automate your failed test results by creating rules based on criteria such as error messages and stack traces with our new Defect Automation rules. These rules automatically link failed tests to existing defects, eliminating the need for manual intervention. This enhancement ensures better defect visibility, allowing users to effortlessly link defects within test runs and test result reports. Learn more

  • Team activity awareness through Slack notifications
    Your team will receive Slack notifications whenever new defects are identified and linked to test results. This ensures timely awareness and enables prompt action for the whole team.

Project Management migration + Org remodeling standardization 

You can now upload and view your repositories within TestOps giving your users readily access to any and all testing repos that relate to your automation efforts.

In our continuous effort to streamline the management of users and testing activities in Katalon, we removed the “Team Management” feature from Katalon TestOps™. This change brings the following benefits to you:

  • Faster Project creation: Now, organization owners can create projects directly, bypassing the need to create teams first.
  • Easier user invitation to Projects: Adding users to projects now is easier and faster. Users in an Organization can now be added directly to Projects without first adding them to a team. 
  • Improved project ownership visibility: With this update, organization owners and admins will have visibility of all projects within the Organization. Previously, this level of visibility was limited to Team owners.

Wrapping up

This release represents a significant milestone for the Katalon platform. We trust these new features and enhancements will prove valuable in your testing efforts. Stay tuned for future product announcements as we enrich Katalon with innovative features and updates. For more detailed information about the enhancements, changes, and fixes included in this release please visit the technical release notes here.


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