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Katalon Platform Roundup August 2023

Katalon Platform Roundup August 2023


Welcome to our latest Product Roundup featuring Katalon software! This roundup will cover updates and new features released in July and August. This is the blog companion to our Product Roundup Webinar.  Read on or if you prefer you can view the webinar here:



This roundup includes an AI reporting analyst, QoL updates for managing your Test cases/suites, and TestCloud updates that allow you to test your private server URLs or locally hosted web-apps or websites more comprehensively.  

Let's dive in and explore the latest updates that make Katalon the go-to choice for testers and developers.

Virtual Data Analyst

Imagine having an expert data analyst at your beck and call, ready to answer your queries, dissect your software testing results, and guide your next steps. That's Virtudal Data Analyst (VDA) for you. Except, it's not human. It's a blend of advanced natural language processing and the best of artificial intelligence, making test analysis not just faster, but smarter. The future of VDA is to allow a broad ability to answer questions about the state of quality processes, this initial beta release is focused on three specific areas:  

1. Informed Release Decisions:

The age-old question, "Are we ready to release?" gets a revolutionary twist. Instead of basing decisions on gut feelings or manual reviews, lean on VDA's comprehensive insights. It sifts through test results, assessing readiness, and laying it out for you.

2. Deep Dive into Errors:

Errors are inevitable. But understanding them shouldn't be a Herculean task. Queries like "Analyze common errors in the testing projects" get simplified, giving you a lucid breakdown of problem areas, patterns, and more.


3. Monitor Test Stability:

Stability is the bedrock of any software. Asking VDA to "Analyze the stability of tests in this project over the last 7 days" offers a panoramic view of your test suite's health, letting you track trends and make informed decisions.  


For more info, check out the VDA release blog here or the documentation here

Settings and Administration Updates

1. Centralized Security Settings for Admins 

The new page helps the Account Owner/Admin to save time and easily manage all security-related features in one place, including Idle Timeout, Session Timeout, Custom Domain, Single Sign-On (SSO) Settings, and IP Address Restrictions. This page also provides a more intuitive design with high consistency to save users from spending time finding various places to set up and review their security configurations.

2. GPT Service API Key setup

Our new OpenAI Key Input feature offers greater control over users' AI use. You can now configure your own OpenAI key directly within the platform. Easily edit or remove configured OpenAI Key as needed, ensuring flexibility and control over use GPT related features. 


Note: only project administrators can manage OpenAI API key settings.


API key settings on testops

Test Case/Suite QoL Enhancements

1. Quick Actions for Test Cases and Test Suites

Quick actions now allow users to perform a range of actions directly on their test cases and test suites, including renaming, editing, duplicating, and moving them. Additionally, we've streamlined the workflow by enabling effortless test run scheduling directly from both test suite list view and test suite detail page (see image below). This enhancement makes the testing process even more efficient.


Note: These actions are not fully supported for test cases or test suites stored in Git repositories yet. This capability will arrive in a future update.


testops quick actions

TestCloud Enhancements

Private/Local Test Execution

We renamed “Use TestCloud Tunnel” toggle to “Private/Local Testing” in the Configure Test Environment for Test Suite and Test Suite Collection dialog window (see image below). Private/Local Testing allows you to test your private server URLs or locally hosted web-apps or websites. You can test plain HTML, CSS, PHP, Python, or other similar web files saved on your local system, over combinations of operating systems, browsers, and screen resolutions that are available via TestCloud.


testcloud private local test environment

Wrapping Up

We hope you’ll find these new features and enhancements useful. Keep an eye out for future product roundups as we continue to evolve the Katalon Platform with new features and great updates.

And of course, make sure to join our Katalon community to learn and share more about the Katalon Platform: Katalon Community  The Official Discussion Forum of Katalon. We love our community feedback and they love to share and lend a helping hand.