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Katalon Platform March 2023 Release



The Katalon Platform is continuously evolving to provide the best user experience and to help quality engineers streamline their processes. This release introduces significant enhancements to its Atlassian Jira integration and defect reporting, making it easier for QA managers, quality engineers, and developers to collaborate effectively. 

Enhanced Defect Reports for QA Managers and Quality Engineers

Katalon Platform's enhanced defect reporting provides QA managers and quality engineers with a comprehensive view of testing defects and their impact on software release readiness. This allows teams to easily review defects, assess their impact, and collaborate on resolutions with developers. The enhanced reports empower software teams to: 

  • Visualize defect trends in testing activity with report filter options: Use extended filtering options within defect reports for better insights into testing progress and efficiency.
  • Monitor progress on defect analysis and resolution: Keep track of defect analysis and resolution progress from Jira from within the defect details page in Katalon Platform. Clearly identify test cases, test results, and requirements impacted by the defect.
  • Address testing issues quickly: With a clear and organized view of defects, teams can quickly identify and prioritize the most critical issues, speeding up the testing process and reducing the time spent on addressing low-priority issues.
  • Resolve defects and re-test: Enhanced defect reports enable seamless collaboration between QA teams and developers. Once a defect has been identified, developers can quickly address the issue and notify QA teams, who can then promptly re-test the software and verify that the issue has been resolved.
  • Reach release readiness faster: By streamlining the process of identifying, addressing, and re-testing defects, software teams can reach release readiness faster and deliver value to their customers more quickly.

Xray Integration Enhancement

Katalon’s native Xray integration now provides test environments information associated with the Xray test executions. Xray users no longer have to context switch to Katalon to know what environments were included in testing. For more information on Katalon’s Xray integration check out our blog or visit our documentation site and read about it here.

Enhanced Atlassian Jira Integration

Katalon now offers improved real-time syncing of data between Atlassian Jira and the Katalon Platform. This enhancement allows for seamless collaboration between QA teams and developers, reducing the time spent on manual updates and ensuring that all relevant information is readily available across both platforms. 


Key improvements include:

  • Faster data syncing: Added a webhook option to enable real-time syncing and better UX when accessing Defect pages.
  • Additional supported data fields for syncing: The new release expands the number of data fields that can be synced between Jira and Katalon, giving teams more visibility into Jira values from within Katalon to ensure that all relevant information is captured in both systems.

This release focuses on strengthening collaboration and streamlining the software development process. By enhancing the Atlassian Jira integration and improving defect reporting, QA managers, quality engineers, and developers can now work more efficiently and effectively. These improvements will help software teams to rapidly address testing issues, resolve them, and re-test to achieve release readiness faster and deliver value to their customers sooner.

You can learn more about these enhancements in our technical release notes HERE 


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