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2022 Katalon Partner Awards



We are thrilled to announce the 2022 Katalon Partner Awards! This program honors the partners who have made the most significant impact on Katalon's business in 2022.  This year's awards recognized the following organizations: QualityKiosk Technologies, Infosys, LinkTech, Cigniti, KMSS, Athenco, and QAlified. Thank you to these wonderful partners for making such a tremendous impact on Katalon’s business in 2022!

Here are the this year’s awards winners and its categories:

QualityKiosk Technologies: Winner - Partner of the Year

Awarded to the partner that made the greatest global impact on Katalon's business in 2022.  This includes performance from both a resell and new logo perspective, as well as maintaining a team of resources with very strong capabilities on the Katalon platform to ensure that our mutual customers are successful in their Katalon adoption journey.  "QualityKiosk is one of the largest and most highly regarded independent testing services companies in the world. QualityKiosk and Katalon have a longstanding partnership built on mutual trust and customer centricity.” Said Matt Sandberg - VP Partnerships at Katalon. “In 2022 QualityKiosk made a significant impact to Katalon's business in multiple ways including go-to-market, customer success, and innovation. We're lucky to have the opportunity to partner with the QualityKiosk team and are looking forward to continued success in 2023."

Infosys: Winner - Partner Project of the Year

Awarded the partner who has completed a customer project with outstanding innovation and has generated significant business value for the customer.  "As one of the largest software testing service providers in the world, Infosys has a long and successful history of helping its customers validate the quality of their digital products.  Infosys was selected for the Partner Project of the Year Award based on the great work that they did at a mutual customer in the financial services industry in the US. With Infosys's help, the customer has adopted Katalon as a preferred test automation solution company wide and has helped the customer to save millions of dollars per year in test automation expenses.   I'm looking forward to continuing to grow our partnership with Infosys in 2023."

LinkTech: Winner - Rising Star

This award recognizes new partners that have invested significantly in developing its Katalon’s focused business in 2022. “LinkTech has emerged as an incredible partner for Katalon in Taiwan.  Since signing on as a partner in early 2022 LinkTech ramped up very quickly and has done an incredible job helping Katalon to build its brand and presence in Taiwan, including introducing Katalon into several new customers there.  I'm looking forward to continuing to grow our partnership with LinkTech in 2023.”

Top Regional Partners

Awarded to partners who have made the most significant impact to Katalon’s business in their respective regions across the world. This year’s winners are:

Cigniti - Winner - Top Regional Partner North America

"Cigniti has a great reputation as a market leader in digital assurance and quality engineering.  In 2022 Cigniti and Katalon accelerated our partnership by partnering on several joint accounts in North America and engaging in multiple joint marketing initiatives.  I'm looking forward to continuing to grow our partnership with Cigniti in 2023."  

KMS Solutions - Winner - Top Regional Partner Asia/Pacific

KMS Solutions has established itself as one of the most innovative and fastest growing digital consulting companies in southeast Asia.  KMS has been a major driver for Katalon's business in Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore.  They have developed a set of very strong capabilities around Katalon and are helping many of our mutual customers to successfully adopt automated testing.  I'm looking forward to continuing to grow our partnership with KMS in Southeast Asia and beyond in 2023." 

Athenco - Winner - Top Regional Partner Europe and Middle East

"Athenco continued to make a significant impact for Katalon in the France and Swiss markets in 2022.  They have proven to be a very capable and customer focused organization and have helped Katalon to build a very strong reputation in the French speaking countries in Europe.  I'm looking forward to continuing to grow our partnership with Athenco in 2023."

QAlified - Winner - Top Regional Partner Latin America

"QAlified has helped Katalon to establish a strong brand and presence in the South American market.  They have been incredibly helpful for us both from a market development and a customer success perspective for the South American market.  I'm looking forward to continuing to grow our partnership with QAlified in 2023."

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