Katalon and CircleCI: Simplifying CI/CD Integration and Test Automation

Katalon CircleCI integration

Katalon is establishing a new partnership with CircleCI —  the leading platform for continuous integration and continuous delivery pipeline. This collaboration marks the official support of integrating Katalon Studio automation capability with the CircleCI infrastructure. 

Katalon provides a robust cross-platform test automation solution that supports web, application programming interface (API), mobile, and desktop testing for teams with minimum requirements for programming skills. CircleCI is a leading provider of continuous integration and delivery platform with the goal of elevating product development in a quick and secured pipeline. 

“Continuous Integration is at the heart of Digital Transformation,” said Dzung Ngo, VP of Product at Katalon, Inc. “We believe this partnership will help our users to move further than just test automation; to build a frictionless CI/CD pipeline that drives result and value for their organizations.” 

This partnership introduces the Katalon Orb — now available on the CircleCI platform for users from both platforms. Katalon Orb is a partner-certified orb on the CircleCI Orbs Registry. The new collaboration expands Katalon CI/CD integration capability while offering a host of benefits to users in both engineering or quality assurance teams: 

  • Ensuring security and eliminating risks when integrating Katalon with CircleCI
  • Reducing the time and effort that users put into integrating Katalon and CircleCI
  • Improving the reusability of test artifacts, jobs, commands, and executors when designing test cases

“This new integration is the next step to complement our goal of making our product a comprehensive tool that meets the demand for project scalability and team collaboration. The collaboration with CircleCI enhances Katalon’s native integration with other DevOps tools, and sets up a seamless integration for those with specific needs for their CI/CD ecosystem,” Dzung continued.

This collaboration also marks a new name added to the Katalon Partner Program. Along with the constant growth in product development and customer experience, Katalon has recently expanded their list of partnerships to cover a wider scope of test automation needs. Learn more about Katalon Partner Program.

About Katalon

Katalon is a leading provider of software test automation solutions. The company offers a flexible platform for web, API, mobile, and desktop testing that fits teams and projects of any size, for any purpose — from creating tests, execution, and reports, to seamless integration with the CI/CD ecosystem.

Katalon is widely adopted by a global community of users across 160+ countries. It is recognized as a top automation tool by prestigious reports such as Gartner, Capterra, and IT Central Station. Katalon solutions include Katalon Studio, Katalon TestOps (beta), Katalon Recorder, Katalium, and Katalon plugins. For more information, visit

About CircleCI

CircleCI is currently the largest platform for continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines. CircleCI provides teams with what they need to scale up quickly and effectively. With more than 1 million builds a day across Linux, macOS, Docker, and Windows build environments, CircleCI was named a Leader in cloud-native continuous integration by Forrester in 2019.

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