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How Cigniti and Katalon reduced testing efforts by 50% for a leading cruise line in the US

Accelerate Your Testing Process With Cigniti and Katalon

The Vision

Cigniti is a global digital assurance and engineering company that manages and implements enterprise digital transformation projects. One of its premier clients, a large cruise line headquartered in Florida, rolled out a fleet of the three most modern ships in the world. The cruise line commissioned Cigniti to develop web, mobile, and tablet automation supporting the back office, onboard staff, and customers. With multiple applications to write, test, and support came with a mix of testing tools, most of which were open-source. After several months into the project, however, the jumble of testing kits became a challenge to configure, coordinate, and implement, which cost Cigniti time, money, and productivity.

The Challenge

Cigniti used different tools for each type of testing. For mobile testing, the group used Appium with Selenium, while for web testing, they used Java, and Selenium. For API testing, they used Java and other tools, such as Postman, SoapUI, and Jmeter.


The company performed each type of testing separately since no single tool in its arsenal could handle all kinds of testing. For instance, for API testing, Cigniti used REST Assured. The group used Selenium for mobile testing before adopting a new testing solution.

Each tool in itself was well-suited to software testing. However, Cigniti faced issues with the complexities of using multiple platforms with different configurations. For instance, setting up the framework was time-consuming. Once set up, it was challenging to bring all the tools together — configuration and integration were difficult.

Setting up a new testing solution took an average of 2-3 weeks, including configuring everything else. However, setting up testing for web and mobile would take longer, depending on the type of testing required.

Maintenance of the framework is an ongoing process. There were still things to enhance, such as configuring reports. Users would also have to develop their own scripts.

Collaboration among testers and engineers was crucial since open-source tools do not have dedicated support. Cigniti needed to explore solutions on its own. Development teams spent a lot of time researching appropriate tools. Testers and engineers needed strong technical knowledge in Java, C#, Python, or other relevant languages to use the products.

However, finding the right professional for testing projects was a challenge, as not everyone had the necessary skills. Sustaining a core team was also difficult and time-consuming, so test maintenance was a significant chore.

The Solution

The cruise line invested in Katalon Studio and Katalon Runtime Engine to test applications. Katalon products struck Cigniti as the ideal solution to overcome testing challenges. A Cigniti technical program manager said enthusiastically, "I started using Katalon to take advantage of the ready-made framework structure. With Katalon, we have all the predefined configurations necessary to run mobile, web, and API testing, and all the sets of rules are configured in one place.


"Katalon also comes with integrations with other testing tools and version control to mitigate any issues with different cloud platforms, making it a comprehensive solution for many of the challenges we face in open-source testing.


"Additionally, Katalon supports different frameworks, including Keyword-Driven, Data-driven, TDD, and BDD, so we don't need to look for other applications to integrate with. With Katalon, we have a single solution that meets all our testing needs."


Katalon provides a single automation solution for web, mobile, and API applications. Additionally, the platform is easy to use and quick to learn, with simplified configuration and a low-code experience that includes a complete library of built-in keywords.


It also supports a variety of frameworks, including Keyword-Driven, Data-driven, TDD, BDD, and the Page Object model. Moreover, the platform supports open-source tools such as Selenium, TestNG, Junit, and Appium.


With the Keyword-Driven approach, users create test scripts more quickly than before using custom keywords. Katalon also integrates with cloud platforms for test executions and supports end-to-end testing for web, mobile, and API applications.

The Success

The most significant competitive advantage that Katalon offers Cigniti's business is its operational ease, as it is a straightforward tool.


"The Katalon framework was easy to understand, including people with less technical knowledge or minimal automation experience," the Cigniti program manager said. "With a little bit of guidance or help, even non-technical individuals can quickly understand the configuration framework, and how the scripts are written.


“This helps everyone, including those who want to learn automation or implement it for their projects. Katalon is a quick solution that is easy to operate, making it helpful for our team.”


Since implementing Katalon, the cruise line has seen a significant reduction in effort, with an average of 50% of their testing team's efforts reduced.


Katalon Studio and Runtime Engine have enabled Cigniti to test faster, cover more, and increase productivity. Cigniti loves that Katalon is an all-in-one solution, with excellent documentation and great support. Cigniti finds it easy to set up and appreciates the support for multiple frameworks, which covers everything they need. Previously, they had to run from tool to tool, but Katalon has provided a single automation solution that has made their testing journey more efficient and enjoyable.