The Continuous Testing Navigator White Paper | Craft the Right Strategies to Thrive in 2021

Katalon WP Continuous Testing Navigator for 2021

To better understand the 2021’s software testing trends, Katalon conducted a comprehensive white paper to provide teams with a continuous testing benchmark and practical advice from experts. See where your team is at and the steps needed to advance upon.

Atlanta, GA., – May 10, 2021 – Katalon, Inc., the provider of the world’s leading test automation platform, and experts in the field have worked together to put out The Continuous Testing Navigator for 2021 white paper to allow teams to foresee upcoming trends, obstacles, and most importantly, progress forward to reach continuous testing maturity.

The insights gathered from over 2,500 respondents worldwide serve to help teams of all sizes and expertise assess their current stage of continuous testing adoption and identify the next steps with our newly-defined Continuous Testing Maturity Model.

The methodology used and demographics in this white paper are:

  • A 13 questions survey to reflect the relationship between factors such as team sizes, automation practices, and the corresponding maturity levels
  • 69% of engineers and 31% people in management roles, such as project managers and VPs

The content is divided into 4 parts:

  • The analysis of changes and shifts in the quality assurance landscape and how they demonstrate the criticality of continuous testing
  • A how-to and self-assessment guide for crafting the strategies to reach maturity with our version of the Continuous Testing Roadmap
  • Difficulties often faced by teams depending on the current maturity stage that they are on
  • The importance of test orchestration in maximizing CI/CD processes

“The technology ecosystem is always expanding and becoming increasingly complex. Test teams are under pressure to keep up with ever-faster delivery cycles while minimizing risk and maximizing quality,” said Coty Rosenblath, CTO of Katalon. “At Katalon, our mission has always been to help test teams manage this complexity and these demands on delivery. In addition to our test automation platform, we hope that this white paper will provide you with valuable insights to direct your next steps on your continuous testing journey.”

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