What Makes a Complete Software Tester?

Become a complete software tester

Katalon’s Head of Solution Engineering Gokul Sridharan and Armando Wirshing, Director of Product Marketing, recently sat down for a conversation with Kristin Jackvony, author of “The Complete Software Tester,” to discuss her thoughts on automated testing and QA, her personal journey in the world of testing, and what drove her to write her new book. We hope you’ll enjoy this inspiring dialogue with a member of the QA community where we discuss a variety of topics such as:

  • Moving from manual to automated testing without extensive Google searches
  • Growing a QA team and making testing a shared responsibility
  • Test automation as the next step to boost teams’ testing maturity
  • Self-healing and AI technologies 

As you watch the interview, you may find yourself thinking, “That’s great, but how in the world do I accomplish that?” Katalon invites you to reach out and ask us. 

At Katalon, we believe that QA can be easier. We built a quality automation platform for QA teams that allows anyone to easily create automated tests, smoothly collaborate across teams on testing processes, and rapidly scale testing capacity on an open, integrated platform.

Contact us today to discuss how Katalon can help you and your team become complete software testers.

You can watch the video here: