7 Things to Know About Katalon Studio 7

Katalon Studio 7

The brand new Katalon Studio 7 is here!

Katalon Studio 7 (KS7) arrived with a host of enhanced features, promising to deliver an enjoyable automation experience and address the common challenges of the testing community. It also comes with new capabilities tailored for medium and large businesses’ needs. Most of these features and functionalities were suggested by the Katalon Community (you want it, you got it!).

That being said, here are a few of our favorite things in KS7!

Katalon Studio 7: A Glance Over the Top 7 Features


Smart execution


Smart execution

This feature is the answer to one of the most notable pain points that Selenium users often face when testing web applications.

Selenium tests tend to have a high rate of flakiness due to the timing issue, causing instability in the test results. 

Starting from KS7, you can enable the Smart Wait Function. Once it is enabled, the execution process will automatically wait until the web page is fully loaded before moving on to the next automation step. 

In other words, this mechanism will ensure all front-end processes — including Javascript or Ajax — are static without having to add any additional codes. This feature will put an end to the wasteful efforts and resources put into solving the Selenium timing issue and maintaining code quality.


Desktop app testing


Desktop app testing

To extend the test coverage apart from the web, API, and mobile testing capabilities, KS7 now supports desktop application testing. More specifically, this version supports Selenium-based test automation for UI on Windows 10.

In terms of testing capabilities, Katalon Studio supports Objects Spying and Record and Playback for desktop app test cases. If coding is not your expertise — worry not. The rich set of built-in keywords will best simplify and shorten the learning curve for a more effortless automation experience.


Test artifacts sharing


Test artifacts sharing

Expand your test project management and collaboration with test artifacts sharing.

This feature supports exporting test artifacts and importing them to other projects. The test artifacts — including test cases, test objects, profiles, and keywords — can be exported into ZIP files and imported to any project of your choice in Katalon Studio. 

This means more streamlined teamwork, increased flexibility, and better control over your test projects.


Private plugin


Private plugin

In addition to the available public plugins on Katalon Store, KS7 allows you to develop and share your private plugins

You can now design and develop plugins and share across your team’s internal system without having to publish them on Katalon Store. This feature is designed for medium and large teams. Private plugins will clear up the concern of security and team members collaboration.


Test suite collection reports


Test suite collection reports

For better test case management, KS7 allows you to group existing test suites into a test suite collection to enhance their control and accelerate the execution process. Test suite collections can be executed in either sequential or parallel mode, giving more options to run tests on different environments.

What’s more, you can gain valuable insights with the new test suite collection reports view. That means you no longer have to put extra effort into managing test results. These reports can also be generated in HTML, PDF, and JUnit formats, thus enabling effective collaboration between team members.


Custom test data sources


Data-driven testing with custom test data sources

KS7 allows you to use your own test data sources, as long as they are supported with a library connection (JDBC). This feature increases the flexibility of automation projects by supporting other database servers besides MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and PostgreSQL. Learn more


SSL client certificate and console log customization


SSL client certificate and console log customization

KS7 enables sending requests with SSL client certificates. Now you can bypass the certificate validation and continue testing with Katalon Studio without having to worry about the restricted network policy.

KS7 also gives you more control in customizing console logs by enabling and disabling logs of executed test steps. This feature helps teams avoid unnecessary resource consumption and gain control over the console logs.


And more to come!

KS7 is available in two versions: Basic and Enterprise. The Enterprise version is best for users with the need for network security policy compliance, as well as advanced features to support team operation and performance. 

There will be more updates and improvements as we go along. In the meantime, we encourage you to explore the new automation experience in KS7. And stay tuned on Katalon Community and Katalon Docs!

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