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Many of my users have signed up, but my referral count is not growing. What might be the cause?

Kindly note that a successful referral is recorded when someone uses your unique link to register an account with a verified email address. If they signed up through a different source, it would not be considered a valid referral.

Only NEW users who sign up through your referral link will count toward your total referrals. If they had a Katalon account previously, their new account would not be counted.

To ensure that it's a fair game for all users, Katalon has activated anti-fraud mechanisms (e.g., multiple sign-ups from the same IP address). This may result in the user's exclusion from all of our current and future referral programs.

How are referral counts updated on this page?

Referral stats are collected and updated real-time. Should you require further information, we are able to export and forward you the data.

How long do cookies last for?

We use cookies to monitor your referrals. After a user clicks on your link, the cookies are valid for 30 days. If they click again, the 30-day period restarts.

How can I contact Katalon if my question has not been answered in this list?

For any inquiries, please email us at We're here to help.