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Ship more quality apps through cross collaboration, simplified automation and certified security.
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Achieve software quality at scale
Achieve software quality at scale
Ease of adoptionToggle icon
Balance low-code ease with full-code flexibility.
Accelerated time to marketToggle icon
Streamline the software QA process to meet business objectives.
SaaS, on-prem, or hybridToggle icon
Flexible testing operations on SaaS, on-premise or private cloud models.
Increased operational efficienciesToggle icon
Simplify and automate the QA process to reduce total cost of ownership.
Deliver exceptional digital experiences - faster
Simplify automation across your tech stack. Streamline processes and increase release quality.
For teams of all sizes and levels, with no reliance on third-party plugins or APIs.
Single tool but multiple purposes
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Single tool for multiple purposes
Web, API, mobile, and desktop (Windows) applications test automation. Deploy on Windows, macOS, and Linux.
Fast team onboarding
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Fast team onboarding
Shorten learning curve with minimal coding experience through detailed documentations and 1-on-1 training.
Cloud testing
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Public and private cloud testing
Set up on-premise licensing, test in restricted environments, SSO, IP whitelisting and auditing.
Adjust and scale up to meet new demands and evolving processes.
Shortened testing cycles
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Test scheduling and parallel execution
Plan and execute on multiple devices at once to scale execution processes and improve test coverage.
Real time monitoring
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Real-time release readiness
Full visibility on testing progresses, unresolved defects, tested and untested builds, requirements traceability.
Affordability & ROI
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Ease of maintenance
Built-in reusable cases and components. Minimized overheads for application upgrade and infrastructures.
Top-tier management, performance, and security.
Enterprise-level security
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Enterprise-level security
Shift security left and automate compliance with Custom Service Level Agreements (SLA) and SOC 2 Type II.
License management
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Organization, users and license management
Admin controls to invite, remove accounts and assign licenses within your Organization.
Cross team collaboration
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Cross-team collaboration
Instant feedback on codes, test scripts and application quality to help you make adjustments in tough situations.
It’s time to supercharge your software quality.
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Seamlessly fit into your DevOps ecosystem
Robust native integrations. No workarounds needed.
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