Katalon Jira Integration

Build web, API, mobile & desktop functional automated tests. Sync everything on Jira.
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Connect Katalon & Jira in a few clicks

Log in to your Atlassian account right inside Katalon or generate an Atlassian Cloud API token.

Automate BDD testing with Studio

Import BDD test scenarios written in Jira issues to create Katalon test cases. Link feature files, add/remove steps and execute automated tests.

Sync test cases and Katalon test results

Create tickets with execution logs and screenshots attached. Native Jira submission form to report bugs right from Katalon.

Monitor testing progress on TestOps

Two-way synchronization of Projects, Releases, Requirements, and Defects from Jira to TestOps.

Easily filter Passed/Failed/Incomplete/Error/Skipped results via the search query.

Tutorials to start working with Jira and Katalon