Take a holistic approach to
data-driven testing

Data-driven testing is more than just a methodology. Katalon connects DDT with all stages of the software testing life cycle to bring you a comprehensive testing experience.

Data-driven testing on a comprehensive platform

Test Creation

  • Ready-to-use data-driven framework supporting a wide range of data formats
  • Built-in keywords to quickly craft DDT test scripts without code in Katalon Studio
  • Easily map data columns to corresponding variables

Test Management

  • Dedicated test data management
  • Manage reusable test objects across web, desktop, mobiles, and APIs

Test Execution

  • Execute your DDT tests across environments (web, desktop, mobile, and API)
  • Automatically maintain test cases with self-healing
  • Automatically optimize test execution to reduce run time

Test Reporting

  • Rich report on test quality (reports, screenshots, logs, error messages, etc.)
  • AI-powered Test failure analysis
  • Live monitoring and alerts for full control of automated testing activities

Test Planning

  • Collaborate with stakeholders to understand and prepare test data
  • Share insights and vision to strategically schedule DDT activities

Effortlessly write better tests with AI

StudioAssist turns plain-text into test scripts, and explains test code instantly.
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Explain code

Everything is easier with Katalon

Increase both velocity and quality simultaneously, with one cohesive platform, and a lot less maintenance.

Seamlessly plug into your existing tech stack with native, 1-click integrations.

Test with the power of code - without writing any

Leverage ready-to-use frameworks (DDT, BDD, TDD, POM, keyword-driven) to write tests without coding. Low-code and full-code mode also available.

Unify all testing activities

Consolidate and connect all of your testing stages in one place. No more siloed processes.

Have AI as your powerful partner-in-test

Katalon AI autonomously generate test scripts, explain code, create tests based on user behavior, and so much more.

Scale at ease

Start for free, then scale along the way. Maximize ROI, minimie overhead.

Loved by 30K teams of all sizes

We are certified as the leading automation testing/software testing tool by G2 - the world’s largest review site for tech products. Katalon is also trusted by market leaders around the world.

What do users like best about Katalon?

Rajsh E.
DevOps Engineer
Information Technology and Services Enterprise (<1000 emp.)
Katalon platfom is a cloud-based low-code testing platform which doesn't require much experience with programming.
We make use of its -ven testing features to read inputs from our on-premise cloud database with multiple datasets for automation testing.
Andrew N.
Lead SDET at Zywave
Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)
Ease of use to get up and running quickly.Capable of great sian testing and limitless potential to get you through the complicated testing scenarios.
Peter K.
Software Developer Computer Software
Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)
IDE is just great - it gives you code completion, syntax highlighting and all of the other tools of professional code editors. Data driven tests supported.
Verified User in Financial Services
Great Ul,Test case management,Great IDE for script development and debugging.
In built capability for Data driven/Key word driven testing.
Wrapper on Selenium.Use the power of selenium web driver.
Easy to start developing scripts.Good documentation and training videos.