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No test infrastructure to build, none to maintain. Automate and manage functional tests on Katalon SaaS.
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Your test data is yours to keep. Automate and manage functional tests on your local machine.
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Common questions about Katalon

What do I get to try out in 30 days?

All new trials will get:
  • 2,000 Test Results
    The maximum number of test execution allowed on Katalon, regardless if it’s a Katalon test or an imported test.
  • 5 Platform Users
    A verified Katalon account
  • 3 Active Projects
    • Active Project: You can create, edit, run and view the reports of Katalon automated tests
    • Inactive Project: You can only view the reports of Katalon automated tests
  • 1,000 Visual Test checkpoint images/month
  • 1 Katalon Studio Enterprise
    Scalable solution to author, maintain, run and share large volumes of automated test suites.
  • 5 TestCloud sessions/parallel tests
    On-demand cloud virtual machines to test on multiple versions of browsers, mobile browsers and OS

What happens when my trial ends? What’s included in a free account?

You’ll be reverted back to a Katalon Free account and a Katalon Studio Free subscription.
If you’ve used up your 2,000 Test Results, 5 Platform Users, 3 Active Projects and other Katalon licenses, you’ll have to upgrade to paid options.
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What are some advanced features I’ll have access to?

  • TestCloud environments: run tests on old and latest versions of web/mobile browsers, native mobile apps and operating systems.
  • API testing: create and test GraphQL and REST requests.
  • Visual testing: ignore zones for dynamic elements.
  • AI testing: self-healing, smart wait, test failure analysis.
  • Smart Test Reporting: customize execution logs, email and Slack alerts.
  • Test Artifact Management: object refactoring, import/export test cases, objects, execution profiles and custom keywords.

What does Katalon integrate with?

Katalon works with tools for:
  • Manual testing and test management: Map Katalon automated test results to manual tests
  • CI/CD: Trigger Katalon tests to run on your pipeline
  • Dockers and Kubernetes: Bundle Katalon tests to run in virtual containers
  • Communication: Real-time alerts on execution results via mail or Slack.
Connecting with additional tools usually means complex workarounds. But as Katalon natively integrates with the DevOps toolchain, you’re an API key away to get everything up and running.