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Smooth Transition from Manual to Automated Testing – A User’s Success Journey

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According to our Test Automation Landscape in 2020 report, the growing presence of “Quality at Speed” in software development and testing has been putting more pressure on companies to quickly adapt or risk becoming obsolete. In response, organizations are now accelerating the adoption of Agile and DevOps practices, thus fueling the demand for automation QA professionals.

The Katalon Team has partnered with Ajamo Adams, a notable IT expert who began as a manual tester, to share his experience and important practices learned along the way for a smooth transition to automation. We hope his stories will inspire action and prepare you for the journey ahead. For everyone else, this webinar will simply serve as a helpful guide to the process.

What you will learn:

  • Why and how to apply test automation
  • How Katalon Studio help manual tester easily switch to automation
  • Actionable steps to make the switch with Katalon Studio demo

Who should attend?

  • Manual QA engineers and automation novices looking to make the most out of switch to automation
  • Anyone eager to learn about automation testing and are looking for an easy-to-adopt solution
Our Experts
Ajamo Adams
Ajamo Adams
Author of
"Stop Coding" book
A top-ranked test automation and Amazon bestselling author, Ajamo has over 10 years of IT and software testing experience in many fields across the public and private sector, everything from telecom to network infrastructure and database backup services.
Dzung Ngo
Dzung Ngo
Vice President of Product
at Katalon, Inc.
10 years of experience in software engineering, especially software testing. He used to work at various positions: Project Manager, Product Manager, etc. Currently, he's in charge of Katalon Studio product development.