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Test Automation Strategy: Insider Practices & Secrets

To ensure software readiness to support business demands, and to meet tight release deadlines, test automation has been widely adopted as a method to save money, eliminate the complexities of manual testing, and release better products faster.

Unfortunately, the implementation of test automation can be a costly endeavor if it is not implemented using the correct strategy.

We have identified the best practices to implement a best-in-class test automation strategy. In this video, we will explore:

  • What needs to be automated
  • Best practices to define test automation goals
  • How to make effective use of the tools and resources you have
  • What a modern test automation strategy looks like and how to implement it
Our speaker
Adam Satterfield
Adam Satterfield
Sr. Director of Engineering Enablement at Global Payments - Katalon evangelist
Adam has been in the software testing industry for 20 years, where many of those have been devoted to the use of Katalon products. Adam has a wide background in the cloud, SaaS, telecom, mobile, healthcare, and finance industries. He lead Test Engineering and DevSecOps Functions at Global Payments to help testers find their inner testing star.
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