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False Positives in Test Automation: How to Spot Them Quicker

Unreliable tests in test automation are known to be the notorious “bully” that tears down software development teams’ confidence.

Join our False Positives in Test Automation: How to Spot Them Quicker webinar for insights on:

  • Why false positives exist and their effects on automated regression suites
  • The common remedy of applying the Fail-fast principle
  • Reducing failure costs with Katalon Studio’s features of Retried Failed Executions Immediately and Terminating Executions Conditionally
  • Measuring test flakiness rate with TestOps ‘Flaky Reports’

Don’t miss out if you’re:

  • Stressed out software testing professionals dealing with flaky tests
  • Sympathetic developers wanting to help your QA engineers
  • Managers and team leads looking to build team testing confidence
Our speaker
Lucio Daza
Lucio Daza
Vice President of Product Marketing at Katalon, Inc.
Lucio has over 16 years of experience in the software industry in multiple roles as a Solution Architect, Product and Marketing Manager. At Katalon, he leads the Product Marketing team to show the value of products to enterprises around the globe.
Jasmine Pham
Jasmine Pham
Product Manager at Katalon, Inc.
Jasmine is currently leading the Product Team for Katalon Studio. From small to enterprise-scale, she has directly worked and composed customized test automation practices that align with teams’ unique challenges and workflows.