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Solving the 2020 Mobile Testing Challenges with Codeless Solutions

As 2020 begins, it is reported that an average team automates less than 50% of their tests — that wastes tons of hours and manual work. In other words, mobile application providers nowadays have to face new challenges as they adopt automated testing, making the automation journey even more complicated.

Join our experts to address the top challenges of mobile testing in 2020. Plus, they will explain why codeless testing tools are becoming more prominent for businesses.

You will learn how to:

  • Grasp and overcome the top mobile testing challenges in 2020
  • Maximize automation test coverage for your mobile test projects
  • Reduce the effort of setting up infrastructure in your test projects
  • Accelerate the test generation and execution processes
  • Minimize the flakiness in your mobile test projects effectively
    … and more!

Who should attend?

  • Agile team members, automation engineers, and developers
  • Team leaders who are looking to catch up with the latest testing solutions
  • Project managers, CTOs who are looking for an all-in-one, and ROI-driven solution for projects
  • Anyone eager to learn about mobile testing and looking for an easy-to-adopt solution
Our speaker
Nico Krüger
Nico Krüger
Director of Global Sales Engineering
at Perforce Software
Nico Krüger has 15+ years of experience in technology, finance, banking, insurance, and medical device development. He specializes in technical guidance and product development efficiency for global organizations.
Mush Honda
Mush Honda
Strategic Advisor at Katalon, Inc.
Vice President of Testing Services
at KMS Technology
Mush is a driven IT leader with over 15 years of experience in software testing and management. He has been guiding KMS’ vision to architecting efficient automation and manual test strategies.
Thanh To
Thanh To
Software Engineer
at Katalon LLC
Thanh specializes in delivering features such as Auto Healing Smart XPath that aim to reduce test automation efforts. He is one of Katalon community's most frequent visitors to help users solve automated testing problems.