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Katalon Studio – What’s Missing in Your ADO Workflow

Katalon Studio is the most popular low-code test automation solution for teams adopting the Azure DevOps ecosystem and tool suites.

Providing native integrations with Azure Repos, Pipeline and Test Plans, Studio users can easily:

  • Create and maintain automated tests fast with Studio productivity-centric features
  • Collaborate cross-team on Azure Repos and keep track of pull requests
  • Trigger the execution of Studio tests suites on Azure Pipeline
  • Centralize job-specific release, build and test run information on Azure Test Plans
Our speaker
Daisy Hoang
Daisy Hoang
Vice President of Sales at Katalon, Inc.
Daisy leads the revenue function of Katalon, including Sales and Customer Success. Her entire professional career has revolved around SaaS B2B go-to-market strategies, focusing on driving measurable business impacts for clients. She's particularly interested in new technologies that disrupt traditionally resistant industries.