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Elevate Test Troubleshooting with Katalon Studio 7.8 – Live Demo

At Katalon, we are driven by successfully delivering solutions to innovate and solve our users’ testing problems. In our latest Katalon Studio version 7.8, we aim to advance your debugging process by automating crucial steps for fast troubleshooting. This webinar will help you see these new features in action, how they help enhance testing, and maximize their benefits in testing with Katalon Studio.

In this webinar, our experts will walk you through:

  • How Time Capsule helps to restore the exact state of AUT when tests fail
  • Browser-based Video Recorder and Test Failure Snapshots for visual review
  • Coordinate-based Recording for Windows Recorder

Who should attend?

  • New users who want to have an overview of the whole Katalon solutions
  • Those who are eager to discover Katalon Studio’s latest features
  • Automation engineers and developers who want to simplify their debugging process
Our speaker
Young Ngo
Young Ngo
Vice President of Product
at Katalon, Inc.
10 years of experience in software engineering, especially software testing. He used to work at various positions: Project Manager, Product Manager, etc. Currently, he's in charge of Katalon Studio product development.
Thanh To
Thanh To
Software Engineer
at Katalon LLC
Thanh specializes in delivering features such as Auto Healing Smart XPath that aim to reduce test automation efforts. He is one of Katalon community's most frequent visitors to help users solve automated testing problems.
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