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Automation Testing on the Cloud DevOps – Remote Working Made Easier

The trend of teams moving on from traditional testing processes to adopting DevOps practices is becoming more apparent in recent years. Automation testing and continuous integration are what make DevOps achievable.

This is the key to ensure continuous development and quality at speed, especially when businesses are at stake in the current situation.

Join our experts to explore how cloud DevOps is changing software development. Also, see a live demo of how Katalon Studio integrates with CircleCI can boost your CI/CD and automation testing.

You will learn:

  • How DevOps is the essential trend to transform testing for software development
  • How cloud DevOps platform is the solution for emerging software testing challenges
  • How the automation testing tools and cloud DevOps combination can speed up project setup, improve organizational efficiency, and simplify third-party integrations
    … and more!

Who should attend?

  • Automation engineers, agile team members, and developers
  • Team leaders who are looking to catch up with the latest testing challenges and DevOps solutions
  • Project managers, CTOs who are in search of robust, all-in-one, and ROI-driven solutions
  • Anyone eager to learn about automation testing in DevOps
Our speaker
Sam Olukotun
Sam Olukotun
Solutions Engineer at CircleCI
Previously a full stack engineer, Sam now helps CircleCI customers adopt best practices in CI/CD to improve developer experience while delivering business value.
Dzung Ngo
Dzung Ngo
Vice President of Product at Katalon, Inc.
10 years of experience in software engineering, especially software testing. He used to work at various positions: Project Manager, Product Manager, etc. Currently, he's in charge of Katalon Studio product development.