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Automated Web UI and Visual Testing – Getting around the obstacles

Ensuring coherence and optimality in the UI is among the key strategies to win users’ hearts. Nevertheless, for some QA teams, the search for the ideal automation visual testing solution seems to be never ending and an on-going hassle for individuals in the testing community.

As a response to this high-demanding subject matter, Katalon and Applitools have partnered up to bring to you “Automated Web UI and Visual Testing – Getting around the obstacles”.

This hands-on session will cover:

  • Top 3 frequently-seen challenges in Automated Visual Testing
  • A guide to selecting the ultimate testing approach and tools
  • A live demo on how Katalon and Applitools help as an all-in-one solution to your visual testing difficulties

Who should attend?

  • Testers and automation advocates in search for an innovative tool to Automated Web UI and Visual Testing
  • Developers looking for a more efficient approach to cross-browser testing
  • Those with interests and want to learn more about Katalon and Applitools solutions

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Our speaker
Coty Rosenblath
Coty Rosenblath
Chief Technology Officer
at Katalon, Inc.
Coty leads the company's engineering teams. In his career as an engineering leader, he has worked in fields including online banking, healthcare, and augmented reality (AR). He is also a hands-on technology leader with experience designing, building, and deploying enterprise software.
Anand Bagmar
Anand Bagmar
Quality Evangelist
and Solution Architect at Applitools
Anand is a Software Quality Evangelist with 20+ years in the software testing field. He specializes in Product Quality strategy & execution, and also building automated testing tools, infrastructure and frameworks.