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Intelligent Automation — Apply AI to Scripting and Executing in Katalon

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are continuously reshaping the test automation scenario. As a result, many agile teams have been looking at ways to adapt AI/ML into their practices to evolve testing strategies.

Join us in this webinar to learn how to apply AI to writing test scripts and executing automation tests in Katalon Studio and leverage this predictive power.

What you will learn how to:

  • Generate potential object locators during recording and spying using Neighbor XPath
  • Automatically fix failed object location in Katalon Studio
  • Perform AI visual-based testing with Applitools integration

Who should attend?

  • Agile team members, QAs, and developers
  • Project managers, CTOs
  • Any testers looking to apply AI in testing
Our speaker
Raghav Pal
Raghav Pal
Automation Test Architect | Educator | Trainer
A Trainer and Automation Test Architect, with over 11 years of experience, Raghav specializes in teaching automation, testing, DevOps and CI. He is the creator of YouTube educational channel - Automation Step by Step.