Visual Testing

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Alert critical UI mismatches

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AI comparison methods (*)

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Run in parallel with functional tests

Mobile support
Browser support
*AI capabilities are only available to Visual Testing Professional.
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Quality right from the UI layer

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Added coverage in clicks

Already testing with Katalon? Drag-and-drop visual keywords and test assertions into your existing Katalon test scripts.
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Bye-bye false positives

AI knows which visual changes are critical or acceptable. Keep your quality engineers productive with less false positives and results.
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First impressions count

The UI is what users see first. Deliver a frictionless customer experience and keep users coming back for more.

AI Visual Testing on the Katalon Platform

Clear-cut ROI from a quality UI

Human testers take up to 30-60 seconds to spot the differences between two images. A project with 20,000 checkpoint images per month may cost an organization more than 40 person-days per month.
Katalon’s AI Visual Testing gives the human eyes a break and saves 99% of the effort to spot visual regressions.
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No additional tests needed

Easily add AI Visual Testing to existing Studio tests with keywords to capture screenshots and automated baseline collection during test runs.
Run in parallel with functional tests to cover both end-to-end scenarios and visual regressions.
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Filter out false positives with AI

Pixel-level comparisons can flag a 1-pixel shift as a failure.
Katalon AI Visual Testing adds additional layers of automated, intelligent comparisons to highlight crucial changes to the application’s layout and/or content.
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Test across web and mobile interfaces

Ensure that your front-end is rendered properly on various combinations of browsers, devices, operating systems and viewports.
Create multiple profiles, priotize test runs and ensure time-efficiency for testing cycles.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Katalon use AI to reduce false positives in visual regression?

Aside from the pixel comparison approach, we provide two new image comparison methods using AI: layout-based and text/content-based.

Katalon leverages AI to define and match various zones between the checkpoint image and the baseline image, then highlight changes in the layout. We also use machine learning models to extract and compare texts from the two images regardless of font family, font size or color, which helps the user to quickly identify texts modified from the original version.

Can I exclude specific areas from the comparison?

Yes, you can use the Configured Ignored Zone feature by editing the most recent baseline image and adding the ignored zone(s) to the area(s) when comparing a screenshot with the baseline image.

How does Visual Testing compare to other tools?

Visual Testing is an integral part of the Katalon ecosystem; it enables a seamless integration without any setup effort, saving time and optimizing your testing performance. It quickly identifies unexpected visual changes made to the UI on top of the functional testing.

Katalon Studio supports integration with Applitools for customers that are already using the application.

Do I need TestOps Enterprise to purchase the Visual Testing add-on?

No, customers don't have to have TestOps Enterprise, Visual Testing Standard is available in TestOps Free and TestOps Business. TestOps Business customers can upgrade to Visual Testing Professional. Enterprise customers have all the advanced features with 5,000 images included and can upgrade to Visual Testing Professional for 20,000+ images.