So, What’s your job position?

Test Engineer/QA Engineer

Software Engineer

IT Engineer/Analyst/Consultant

QA Lead/Project Manager


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Sweet! Do you have a specific testing objective?

It is a requirement in my projects

I’m doing the POC/evaluation for my project

I’m learning test automation

I’m trying out a new solution for personal purposes


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And you’re using the Katalon Platform for..?

Katalon Free


Don’t test everything manually – automate them

Katalon Pro


Make testing
productivity a must

Katalon Advanced


Better test coverage & collaboration

Katalon Enterprise


Full visibility on quality with added security

Step 3 / 3

What you get with Katalon Free
Verify web flows from start to finish
Record web actions into automated test cases to find what’s working and what isn’t.
Test on browsers, devices & OS
Ensure quality no matter where your audiences are accessing your web on.
Actionable insights to fix failures ASAP
Know exactly why your web is not working correctly through test reports and analytics.
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What you get with Katalon Pro
Record-and-Playback test creation
Quickly generate web, mobile, API and desktop automated tests using low-code.
Painkillers for test maintenance
Refactor test code and swiftly update tests and objects using the Object Repository.
Less duplicated test efforts
Reuse and share test artifacts, settings and handle common testing issues.
Built-in reporting
No third-party APIs are needed. Execute and get immediate feedback on Katalon tests.
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What you get with Katalon Advanced
Full-on quality visibility & traceability
Track quality metrics and trace back test runs, results, defects and their requirements.
No manual hassles for regression testing
Transfer manual flows to automated scripts and save efforts for other critical cases.
Less duplicated test efforts
Reuse and share tests artifacts, settings and handle commonly testing issues.
Natively integrate with testing toolchains
Skip heavy workarounds to connect with project management, CI systems and testing frameworks.
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What you get with Katalon Enterprise
Deploy fast, often & safe
Set up on-premise licensing, test in restricted environments, SSO, IP whitelisting and auditing.
Plan testing as a team
Multiply the ROI by better planning, test priorities, setup and configs, and scheduling.
Quality visibility & shortened feedback loops
Highlight testing completion, pass-and-fail trends, unresolved defects, and assignees.
Organization, users & license management
Admin controls to invite/remove accounts and assign licenses within your Organization.
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