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Thank you for joining our TestCloud trial giveaway program. We have sent confirmation emails to the winners. Please check your mailbox and reply to receive the reward.

The ability to spin up as many environments and as frequently as possible is the key differentiator to software quality assurance. However, many businesses today are allocating a great amount of time and resources to manually deploying environments dedicated to their AUTs. The outcome is foreseeable - test scenarios are scarce, and test coverage falls short. 

With Katalon TestCloud, QAs and devs can easily configure different testing environments without manual setup of physical resources or third-party workarounds. Teams can enjoy simultaneous test executions across multiple environments and maximize their test coverage. 

From now to April 4th, 2022, the first 300 users successfully executing their first-time test runs with TestCloud have a chance to win a $10 Amazon gift card. Follow these steps:

For TestOps

Access TestCloud

  • Log in to TestOps > Guided Tours
  • Click Schedule Test Run > Test Execution
  • Go to Test Run Calendar > Schedule Test Run
  • Fill out information > Select TestCloud Test Environment
  • Click Schedule
  • Click to share on your social media
  • You’re all set! A $10 gift card will be delivered to you shortly

For Studio

Access TestCloud

  • Open Studio (version 8.2.5)
  • Click the TestCloud icon (or Project > Settings > Katalon TestCloud
  • Tick Enable Katalon TestCloud integration
  • Select your organization > Apply and Close
  • Open your test suite > Play icon > TestCloud icon
  • Select TestCloud Test Environment > Run
  • You’re all set! A $10 gift card will be delivered to you shortly

Our team will announce the final result on April 5th, 2022, with prizes delivered to you shortly.

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