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Step 1
Create web, mobile, API & desktop tests with Studio
Studio is the QA-friendly IDE to design, debug and maintain automated tests.
If you’ve got repetitive manual tests on hand, Studio is the place to automate them quickly.
Step 2
Enable TestOps Reporting
Sync and push your Studio tests to TestOps to start results analysis.
After your Studio tests are designed:
  • 1. Click on View Test Run History
  • 2. Follow the instructions to Integrate TestOps
  • 3. Choose test environments and run Studio tests
Step 3
Execute on TestCloud
Browsers, OS or devices – we’ve got all the test environments you need.
Select TestCloud and get everything ready for execution with zero fuss.
Step 4
Analyze test results & progress with TestOps
Studio test reports are automatically pushed and stored on TestOps for in-depth analysis.
Troubleshoot failures and assess release readiness with real-time dashboards and smart analytics.
Step 1
Preparing tests to run
Go to
Get your tests ready to see how TestOps schedules every execution. Here’s how to upload test scripts to a:
If you don’t have tests on hand, see the Bonus Step.
Step 2
Running tests
Once your tests are successfully imported, go to Schedule Test Run and quickly set up.
Choose TestCloud as the test environment to run on multiple cloud browsers, devices and OS at once.
Step 3
Analyze results and keep exploring!
Browsers, OS or devices – we’ve got all the test environments you need.
Select TestCloud, pick pre-config environments be ready for execution with zero fuss.
Step 4
Bonus Step: Low-code test design with Studio
Watch the Introduction to Katalon Studio to design design web, mobile, API and desktop automated tests.
*Note: Check your Downloads to install and start using Studio.
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